Tuesday, March 16, 2010

precious memory

yeah. its been a long time i didnt update due to my busyness & laziness. *sigh*
gila x busy! assignment je da pending..dengan nk handle event lagi..dengan nk buat survey lagi, sketches lagy...ke mane2 aq dgn si makcik azy je kadang2 featuring ash, awer n nour..pheww agakk penat laa..paling2 pn on9 fb jer..
ok ok..panjang2 cerita pn tah sape yg nk baca..ngee!~
like i promise before, i'll share about my vacation with my cyg n his school classmate who is also my friends.. :)
sgt sgt sgt sgt happy dat time. rasa mcm honeymoon pn ade haha! siap barbeque lagii okeyy..jgn jealouss!! (>,<) after planning 2-3 weeks before, finally jadi jgak vacation on valentine's day @ Chinese new year nyy..

: 14th February 2010
venue : desaru beach

ape yg penting? kerjasama!!

mandi mandi mandi

bakar bakar bakar!

makan makan makan!!


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