Tuesday, March 16, 2010

im my parent's princess! please jealous now.(recovered)

usual words that bein asked to single child :

"wahh..best la kau anak tunggal, mesty dpat ape yg ko mintak kan.."
"ko ny mesty manje giler ngn parents ko kann.."
"ny mesty da biase dgn mak bapak, lau jauh2 nnt bole ke x ko idup sendiri ehh.."
"weh, mak ko xnak beranak lg ke?" *soalan mcm nk kne penerajang, da xde rezki nk uat cmne*
"x boring ke duk sorang2 kat rumah? ko men ngn sape je kt uma?"

and mcm2 lagi soalan.yang pelik2 pun ade...sometimes i feel jerk..tapi, xley nk mrh sbb diorang x rase idup sebagai anak tunggal..so what i have to do is tell them la anything that might curious them..
i admit dat bein a single child was so much fun!
no need to share toys,
no need to share room,
no need to share mom's and dad's attention,
no need to share make up,
no need to share clothes,
no need to share wardrobe,
no need to share blanket,
no need to share back seat in the car so that i can lean while on the way to hometown,
no need to share mom,
no need to share dad,
no need to share a lot of things!!
but, when i feel bored i'll;
watching tv
watching dvd
play w/my lappy
nyanyi sorg2
camwhoring *its a must!*
lari keliling sampai penat (>,<)
hang out with friends...

haa! hanging out with friends ehh...yeah, my parents gimme permission to do dat..but. . . . . . .
i have to arrive home before night, or maybe not too late, they have to know with who i go out with, where i go, when i will arrive home and i have to convince them to arrive home early if i wanna go out with my cyg, my reason have to be strong enuff to let me go out..
pheww, sometimes i felt dat they quite overprotected to me, heyyy.. my friends can go out with their friends and go back home whenever they like..didnt their parents nag at them?

yeah i know im the only child that my parents afraid to lose me or something bad happened to me..they love me that's all..i love them too..sooo much! now they give me a bit freedom but they'll call me every few hour when i still not get back home..i used to be wth this condition already..dun worry mak, ayah, i promise i'll take care of myself.. :')

now in my mind, there's only my passion to make my parents happy..if i didnt do that, who else? plus, i feel so so so grateful dat my bf who is also a single child..he can understand my life either do i..i know what he want and vice versa..we got the same goal..to live happier together and with our parents.. ;) hopefully our dream come true..

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