Friday, March 19, 2010

google translate ;)

today i've found something new.
i might be a lil bit late to know bout it bcoz before this, i ignored that thing.
all i do is click the 'x' n said "haishh..menyemak je la ko!" heee..
but when i try dat thing i feel soo jakun and translated my blog to all language.
now all over the world can understand what im writing. *macam la ade yang nak baca* -.-

k. nitey nite!
waiting 4 my hunnybunchsugaplump to super saver with me!
till then! -___-


  1. aku pun baru tau...try2 jugak...hehehe

  2. org gne mende tu tyme nk wat asiment je..wakaka
    copy paste..lalala

  3. where :hehe..yeah..time buat assignmet sgt2 berguna! ;) tapi ayat dia tunggang terbalik..

    johnlabu: (: