Sunday, February 7, 2010

look at our hand at 00.03 - 00.05!! (>__<)

this is our first karaoke session n this s the first song i sang duett w/him &&
masa ny kwn laghiee.

diz video lah yg buat ktorang realize yg chemstry kami sgt kuat && after dat theres many things in common between us..


actually ive cut diz video to the important part je. panjang sgt karang korang muntah denga suara aq. da la x sedap.
suara wa**e laghieeeee sedap ho liao! bwekkk! muntah darah.. heeeeeeee~!

p/s: yg lagi 2 owg kt tepy tu cik azy n cik ct! huhu.

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