Wednesday, February 3, 2010

aimishyuu oke!!

im cravin for you. im missin u like candy,
addicted to u sygg!! ure my drug.
i admit dat
i cant live without him.
the guy i mention was Muhamad Azlan b Azman, syg!! love u so damn fuckin much! (>,<)

it was a simple met, no feeling at all toward us.
ikut azy kuar minum2 with her classmate since he was come back JB for his holiday.
bla3! nothing special but there was a burger ayam special n lychee drink. his treat. ;P
then, otw he send us go back home, he ask for my number but i just ignore. jiwa kacau time 2.
then when i arrived home, azy ask me permission 2 giv my number to him then i was just ok then just a friend y not. that was a start. we start texting n texting.

as day goes by, we're bein friend. just friends nuthin much. then we become best friend. share some advice since we both got quite same probs.
A LOTTTTT of coincidence n we have so much in common. almost everything. one more thing, we both the only child in our family. ouh what more can i say. lagi satu lagi satu! kami sgt2 satu kepala. layan je lawak2 merapu ak. dia pn same jer. luv u syg! oops. slowly, there is something..... idk what it is. kikikii. ;P i start felt like i dun wanna losing him. no no no. u cant leave me. ill make sure it never happen. the feeling appear. it is called LOVE the same happened to him to. till both of us admit dat cant live w/o each other. oh myyy! *bunge bunge cinta*

now. alhamdulillah. im happy wit him. we have to make sure we achieve our goal then live together happily ever after. hope nothing can do us apart. that is my biggest fear.

even now, some ppl or maybe most of ppl around us who never knew our actual story, thought dat we've been 2gether just 4 fun. hey come on! were in serious rltnship la.
cuma masing2 got our own responsibilites tu fulfill. insyaAllah kalau ada halangan n dugaan we just need 2 face it calmly. act like grown up. ppl just know to judge n judge. what more can i say.

alan! love u gyler vaveng la!!!!!!!


  1. haha. tup2 nanti kaw yang kawin dlu drpd aku. jeng jeng jeng.

  2. haishh..byk lg benda blom capai..huhu...tape2 aq tgu ko lepas dlu..huhu..