Thursday, September 17, 2009

lets talk bout past few days.. >__<

since past few days im not in the mood to post new entry,
there's awesome things had happened in my life..

♥go out shopping with my darlink*what a long time we never meet*
♥bleaching my hair with my cemolot friend, azy *and the results are...jeng3!*

after my office time she fetch me at the office and hell yeah we shop till drop!

then after i come home, azy n i starts the operation to damage our hair by bleaching it by ourselves..
haha!! sangat perasan we do it like pro..
oleh kerana kitorang share bleach tu..kitorang decide nk hi-lite full headed colour..

bungkus2 pakai plastik mcm org gila..
the 1st day result
the 2nd day result..

actually colour dia mcm kelakar masa mula2..
azy kata "rambut kita dh mcm tompok2 taik lembu ada kt atas kepala"

hehe..but oke la..bole cover2 lg..damn! bad luck btul..

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