Saturday, September 12, 2009

for such a long back..

agak kejam kan..
aq biarkan blog aq terabai lama..
kalau anak org da lama mati..

i wanna share something..
about my personal life..
sometimes i really2 feel dat life is unfair to me..
i dont know what to do..
all i know is crying n crying all day long..
n sometimes i feel like doing something stupid..
like u know what..

2day i do something different..
yea something like can release my tense..
i ve made decision, 2day i wont sit at the corner in my room,
and cry all the day..

for the first time in my life,
i go to the mall alone..YES!! ALONE!!
watch movie and shopping alone..
i feel like camdoh gilerrr okey..

final destination..perghh..
sgt x sesuai tgk seorang diri..
sgt ngeri..
btw i adore nick..cute ouh!!

then dont know what to do...
just take a walk n shopping is a must..
its better than cry aite..

*still in sad mood actually even i tryin hard to feel happy*

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