Saturday, January 10, 2009


yeah! for a looooooooong time i didnt blogging..*pheww!*
for past few years *bout 3 years ago* i'd a blog and quite neglected because of the laziness to update the posts*ngeee*..
and now i feel like i wanna start all over again n i think i wanna share bout whats going on with my life..
maybe about myself, my beloved family&friend, my hunnybunchsuga plump *love him so damn much!* , my works/assignment an so on.. huhu..

maybe some of u will say that am really jakunn or wanna show off or whatever that shows that wasting ur time to read my blog, so what! back off! this is my blog..i'll post whatever i want! *uweerrrkkkk!*

till then!

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