Sunday, January 11, 2009


2morrow about after solat zohor da nak blek rumah sewa..

there have been more than a month since semester break..

kinda miss my housemate..

we do things together..

yea, sometimes we arguing about many of things..

but we never take that seriously..

for us we r together under one roof kan..xsyok r masam2 muka ny..

so we r just like siblings plus we r also classmate..

even though we come from different background*not all,just somebody*,but we still can get along together doing stuff together..

miss them..

tomorrow i'll go back to our 'villa'..


wendu kat awer! *minah klateku*

wendu kat azie! *orang bilang kami kembar*

wendu kt nour! *dia suka lyn org mcm budak kecil*

wendu kt tia! *dulu dia ganas tp skrg mkin menggedik*

juga kt asmim! *dia ni kawan satu course*


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